9 Places you might go wrong with your Online Setup

When creating your online business you might be tempted to outsource all or part of the online setup and marketing process. Make sure you understand the various elements involved and have ownership of, and access to, the accounts should you go that route. 9 places we have seen outsourcing go horribly wrong.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) vs Pay Per Click (PPC)

Not sure the difference between SEO and PPC? In this article, we briefly explain the two ideas and how to implement these for your online business growth.

The importance of planning in the website design process

Before you do any development work on your website make sure you are clear on the why, who and what. Planning is an important step in the website design process, and could even save you time and money later on.
My 12 steps on how to change your hosting company | Vinefruit WordPress Consulting

Time to change hosting companies? My 12 step guide

Feeling like its time to change your website & email hosting provider? In this 12 step guide I share my best practices on how to handle this potentially stressful process.
3 reasons you can't ignore Usability Testing

Why you can’t ignore Usability Testing for your Website

So your website is being built to your specs & you are delighted. Today on the blog we discuss why you should not ignore website usability testing. Do this as soon as possible in your process.
8 reasons to choose managed hosting for WordPress

8 reasons to choose managed hosting for your WordPress site

You may have heard about managed hosting for WordPress. Are you not sure if you need it? Today we share 8 reasons you may want to choose it for your business.
15 things your web developer will need from you

15 things your web developer will need from you

Today we share a checklist of the 15 things you will need to provide your web developer for a successful web development project. Being well prepared will ensure fewer development delays.
Newsletter Case Study: technology lessons & expectations
Email Updates

Newsletter Case Study: technology lessons and expectations

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch, but its easy to make the wrong assumptions when sending them out. A case study on a few lessons learnt.
Blogging for business; how much & how often

Blogging for Business: how much and how often?

Blogging for business is, in (not only) my opinion, essential. Search engines, especially Google, love dynamic content. Before you start writing though think a little bit about what you are trying to achieve with your website overall, and then more specifically about why you are writing this particular (blog)post.
The return of the email newsletter
Email Updates

The return of the newsletter?

Once social media has brought people to your website you should give them the ability to signup or subscribe to your anticipated, personal and relevant updates. Start your own database of folks who have given you permission to talk to them because they like what you have to say. Prove you are worthy of this trust by never selling or sharing their details, and always let them opt-out when they no longer find value in your communications.