Blogging for business; how much & how often

Blogging for Business: how much and how often?

19 Dec 2012

Blogging for business is, in (not only) my opinion, essential. Search engines, especially Google, love dynamic content. Before you start writing though think a little bit about what you are trying to achieve with your website overall, and then more specifically about why you are writing this particular (blog)post.

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The return of the email newsletter

The return of the newsletter?

02 Dec 2012

Once social media has brought people to your website you should give them the ability to signup or subscribe to your anticipated, personal and relevant updates. Start your own database of folks who have given you permission to talk to them because they like what you have to say. Prove you are worthy of this trust by never selling or sharing their details, and always let them opt-out when they no longer find value in your communications.

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More about Pinterest for business

Pinterest: what about it?

16 Aug 2012

Learn more about how to use Pinterest for business, and why you shouldn’t ignore this exploding social network.

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