Client: JRK Fitness

Jan-Roux is a dynamic personal trainer based in the Western Cape. He had originally built his own website using Wix, but had found it was no longer growing with his business effectively.

Whilst keeping elements of the look & feel he had already chosen we optimised the front-end user experience by moving a few elements, and toning down the colour scheme slightly, giving him a more homogenous and professional look. New content was written to maximise the site’s SEO performance, to ensure that we started to generate more leads for his new online programs and eventual online store. Whilst not all of the packages are ready we didn’t want to delay the site launch, so we have used an ebook giveaway on a lead capture form popup overlay to hide the sections that are not ready yet.

Jan-Roux is thrilled with the result. We are certain it is going to be the start of great things for this young man.