PromoteCoach website by Vinefruit WordPress Consulting

Client: PromoteCoach

We have been working with Anneke for a few months, offering consolidated packages to life coaches & mentors wanting to improve their online presence and find new clients. PromoteCoach helps them with the client and content side…to find their niche, their voice and new clients. We review any existing web presence they may have and offer suggestions for improvement around SEO and Conversion Optimisation. We also help them if they need a new website or a redesign.

Anneke then decided she wasn’t happy with the website she had for the business, there were areas she wanted to streamline and also she wanted to make the service offerings more obvious via packages detailed on the various landing pages. Also we all felt the site was a little too girly, given that she has been working with mostly male coaches this year. So whilst she generated new page content I redesigned the site from the top down, adding new imagery and colours whilst migrating the existing blog content. We all love the new site.

If you’re considering developing a website or re-doing yours, then you want Vinefruit helping you. They’ll guide you every step of the way and provide you an end product you’ll be proud to display on the internet.