Sandton SPCA

Sandton SPCA website by Vinefruit WordPress Consulting

Client: Sandton SPCA

A friend and ex-colleague approached me about helping out with the website for the SPCA in Sandton. It was in need of a mobile responsive theme, better security and some simplification on the backend. As they do most of their updates on Facebook as it’s quick and easy in the shelter they wanted a way to pull that info onto the website, especially as the old site had not been updated by anyone in some time.

We modernised the layout with a nice clean look and feel, adding in several Facebook and Instagram feeds for events, pets for adoption and other updates. This means that the team only needs to worry about updating the Facebook and Instagram pages. New donation forms via Payfast for both once-off and recurring donations has also helped the organisation fund raise.

All in all a lovely refresh.